Be a learning organization

Today, employees in the organization encounter a wealth of data and information. Data and information are synthesized, and their synthesis leads to knowledge. Knowledge, for this reason, can be defined as the set of experiences, skills, events, and feelings that exist in an organization. Ultimately, to gain knowledge, one needs to learn.

Learning organization - novelty or unknown?

The learning organization is not a new term, but it is still a relative unknown. The systematic study of learning began in the 1900s, and the popularization of the learning organization occurred in the 1990s. Since it has been 90 years since the popularization of the learning organization, it is necessary to understand that it would be a real mistake to take the same amount of time to implement the above in your business.

What exactly is a learning organization?

There are numerous theoretical notions of a learning organization. For example, a learning organization can be considered an organization in which people continuously develop their capabilities to achieve desired results, where new and open models of thinking are applied, where collective aspirations are free, and where employees continuously learn how to learn together. Also, the learning organization becomes more flexible, and in it, employees accept and apply new ideas through a shared vision.

The foundation of a successful organization is educated employees

In general, the goals of any organization should include financial balance, high employment, corporate social responsibility, compliance with legislation and ethical norms. In all this, it is important to keep in mind that the organization is not composed of the above, but of employees, and the same can be achieved if employees are educated and continuously learning.

How to become a learning organization?

To become a learning organization, certain changes need to be involved in the conventional form of organization. First, it is necessary to reorganize the organizational structure. Next, it is necessary to choose leadership that will create the preconditions for building a modern organization that learns in the form of information technology. In addition, it is necessary to establish a network of relations with other organizations. Most importantly, the learning organization must pay special attention to professional development, because it knows that the personal and professional development of employees is key to the success of the entire organization.


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