Education in the modern age

The golden rule of successful organizations is that every employee must be educated every year. Today, it is much easier because the modern age has led to various innovations that, among other things, enable easier but also faster education of employees. Due to new and better opportunities, it is no longer enough to conduct education, but it is necessary to conduct them better than competitors.

Requirements of the modern age

Many employees who had all the necessary competencies when hiring today do not have them. Why is that so? Because modern trends require new competencies and new requirements for specific knowledge. Whether it is legislation, norms, standards, procedures, an organization can adapt to these and adopt them only if it is willing and able to learn and conduct education.

Recipe for success - 20%

Organizations need to understand how much employee education is necessary today. Various methods of knowledge distribution are no longer sufficient, as is the knowledge or expertise acquired through work. According to research, each employee should invest 20% of their working time in their education per year. In the modern age, entering the business world does not mean a break, nor a departure from education, but only its continuation.

Modern ways of education

Trends have conditioned the development of various organizations engaged in conducting business education. Very often, these organizations conduct their education face to face, several times a year. Since an important characteristic of any organization is its ability to adapt to change, in line with the Corona crisis, it is not surprising that today many organizations have turned to online business education. By choosing organizations that conduct business education online, you not only become competitive, but you show your proactivity and desire to educate employees, regardless of current situations.


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