Employee education at the time of Coronavirus

Companies are now postponing and canceling meetings due to coronavirus (or SARS-CoV-2), which causes COVID-19 disease. In addition to the above, it is inevitable to emphasize that employee education is one of the hardest hit business activities.

Priority - employee safety

However, companies cannot afford to postpone education. Whether it is retraining at the business unit level or an aspirational transformation of the entire company, they cannot simply delay the necessary training, and at the same time, they must consider employee safety a priority.

Adapt to change

To continue to enable employee training, training, or human resources managers of the company are forced to follow a series of tactical steps to protect employees, adapt programs and deliver them, and establish a modern way of learning. Digital and virtual education programs were already on the rise before the outbreak of COVID-19, and today there is a significant increase in such education programs accepted by many younger employees.

Choose your stakeholders

To create an objective picture of the digital education offer and to adapt the employees themselves to the new environment, it is necessary to build a team of relevant stakeholders. This includes human resources managers, educators, IT professionals, and the like. Also, it is necessary to set priorities and define the content of education and establish a certain platform on which it is possible to import all of the above. With the emergence of the need for digitized education, more and more professionals can turn to companies for help.


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